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Your Daily Go-To Hero Product

When we started developing the new Antioxidants Concentrate, we wanted it to be something that could still partner with gel products like Hydrate B or Advanced CE, but also function as a stand-alone moisturizer.

Ferulic acid features heavily in the formulation but we've amped things up with the addition of the antioxidant pterostilbene, which is derived from the Pterocarpus marsupium tree. For those of you familiar with resveratrol, pterostilbene is like a more refined cousin and helps to improve the appearance of brighter and calmer-looking skin.

Those with an active routine will find this formulation performs well, particularly those who enjoy spending a lot of time outdoors. 

• Ferulic Acid
• Pterostilbene
• Versatile & Dynamic
• Skin Conditioning

Massage a small amount into skin or layer with other products. When used with a Private Reserve Oil, apply the oil first. Also, pairs well with Rescue Serum.

Featured Active Ingredient Notes:

Lactobacillus ferment
Ferulic Acid

Areas Antioxidants Concentrate is Used

• Face
• Hands
• Neck

Skin Types that Benefit from Antioxidants Concentrate

• Combination Skin
• Normal Skin
• Oily Skin

Antioxidants Concentrate is Ideal for These Skin Concerns

• Sensitive Skin
• Dull Skin or Uneven Tone
• Dark Spots

• Environmentally Stressed Skin

• Skin regularly exposed to the sun

Best Time to use Antioxidants Concentrate

• Anytime you are applying other gels or oils to the skin. We particularly enjoy this product as part of our morning routine.


reverse osmosis water, ceteareth-6 olivate, Leucidal® lactobacillus ferment, ethoxydiglycol, ethylhexyl palmitate, ferulic acid, sorbitan olivate, hydroxyethylcellulose, pterostilbene (pterocapus marsupium bar extract)


Discontinue use if irritation occurs. This cream serum is for external use only. Patch test to determine sensitivity. Keep away from children.