Learn More About Luxury Shave Creams

Jar of Eucalyptus Trio Luxury Shave Cream by Your Best Face Skincare

All of our creams are non-lathering and packed with actives to sooth skin and minimized irritated skin post-shave. We actually love using this cream as our aftershave to keep exposed skin calm and hydrated.

If you're not into shaving but looking for a nice hand, neck or foot cream, we have used this product to great success on those parts as well - particularly for those pesky dry skin breakouts during the winter.

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Areas of the Our Shave Cream is Used

• Beard or Shaving Areas
• Body
• Face
• Hands
• Neck
• Scalp

Skin Types That Benefit from Our Luxury Shave Cream

• Combination Skin
• Dry Skin
• Normal Skin
• Oily Skin

Shave Cream is Ideal for These Skin Concerns

• Breakout-prone Skin
• Damaged Skin
• Sensitive Skin

Best Time to Use Luxury Shave Cream

• Any time that best for your schedule

Skincare Routines with Luxury Shave Cream

• Anti-aging focus on improving skin tone, lines and deep wrinkles
• Introductory to skin care
• On-the-go, frequent traveler, office or gym
• Pampering, luxury treatments, and relaxation focused regimens
• Simple and efficient

Skincare Goals Addressed by this Product

• Curb appearance of redness or irritation for calmer-looking skin
• Hydrate or moisturize dry, cracked or damaged skin
• Improve appearance of skin brightness and evenness of complexion
• Improve suppleness and increase elasticity to reduce appearance of saggy or crepey skin
• Quickly improve skin’s overall appearance for an event
• Reduce appearance of dull-looking or fatigued-looking skin

Specific Areas of Focus of Luxury Shave Cream

• Combat dry, cracked lips
• Create a spa-like experience at home or the office
• Encourage clearer pores
• Improve the quality of shaves
• Improve the softness of hands
• Increase effectiveness of other products I already use
• Integrate topical vitamins and antioxidants into a routine
• Nourish skin post-breakouts
• Perfect as a gift and for someone new to the brand/easily enjoyed by any skin type
• Reduce appearance of new damage
• Tone and brighten sagging neck skin

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Unlabeled jar of luxury shave cream by Your Best Face Skincare