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The Ultimate Anti-Pollution Treatment

Experience the most enjoyable and potent delivery of vitamin C available. Dual forms of cutting-edge, stable and gentle vitamin C work in synergy with Lipochroman-6, a specialized vitamin E relative and leading scavenger of oxygen, nitrogen and carbon free radicals.

• 24.5% Vitamin C (more than double compared to the former Advanced CE)
• Triple Scavenging E
• Highly Potent & Stable
• Gentle Lightweight Gel
• Pleasant and natural aroma from Lipochroman-6
• Oil-Free

Advanced CE is cooling, super-lightweight and absorbs quickly into skin without leaving a residue. Unlike many other types of vitamin C serums, Advanced CE is extremely gentle and well tolerated even by those with sensitive skin. 

Advanced CE is intended for layering with other products such as creams, serums or oils. Blend and layer a small amount of Advanced CE with the application of your other day or nighttime products.

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Featured Active Ingredient Notes:

Lactobacillus ferment
EAA Vitamin C
SAP Vitamin C

Areas Advanced CE Concentrate is Used

• Face
• Hands
• Neck

Skin Types that Benefit from Advanced CE Concentrate

• Combination Skin
• Normal Skin
• Oily Skin

Advanced CE Concentrate is Ideal for These Skin Concerns

• Sensitive Skin
• Dull Skin or Uneven Tone
• Dark Spots
• Environmentally Stressed Skin

Best Time to use Advanced CE Concentrate

• Any time you're applying other creams serums or oils which are part of your daily or nightly skin care routine


reverse osmosis water, EAA vitamin C (3-O-ethyl-L-ascorbic acid), Leucidal® (lactobacillus ferment), SAP vitamin C (sodium ascorbyl phosphate), hydroxyethylcellulose, dimethyl isosorbide, lipochroman-6 (dimethylmethoxy chromanol)


Discontinue use if irritation occurs. This gel serum is for external use only. Patch test to determine sensitivity. Keep away from children.